About Us

Listed.Digital was founded in 2020 by Stephen Henney. A former institutional stockbroker, who felt that there was a mismatch in the quality of investor interaction for Institutional Investors and Retail Investors that could be solved with harnessing digital innovation.

However, it wasn’t as simple as just making content, there are many good producers of investor focused content out there. Our focus was to make this content easier to find, easier to use and easier to put into context.

Listed.Digital is a unique platform, focused on the AIM market in the UK, with the objective of bringing together the investor focused digital content of every company on one easy to navigate platform.

Designed to be easy to use and navigate, You can search by specific company or browse by sector to find the company for you.

Every AIM company has a listing consisting of a brief summary and then a Digital library of their most recent investor focused content.

Some have a much more detailed listing including background content, latest investor focused content, digital site visits and an “ask the company” interactive Q&A element.

The AIM market is full of different, unique investment opportunities. So start your journey today by getting the overview information in a format that’s easy to understand.

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