Popular Searches

These are some of our bespoke search functions to help you search popular themes, for when you don’t already know what company you want to invest in. Click on the corresponding images below or type the key words into the search box on the home page..

Green Economy

The LSE launched their Green Economy mark in early 2019. It recognises listed companies and funds which derive 50% or more of their revenues from environmental solutions. The Mark presents an investible universe of ‘green economy’ equities, enabling a broad exposure, rather than a focus on one area. Here at Listed.Digital we felt strongly we should support this fantastic initiative, therefore you can now search for those AIM companies that have achieved this mark by typing “Green Economy” at the investor hub

Video Games

Officially some of these companies are in “Travel and Leisure” and some “Leisure Goods”..However, We know a popular theme for investors is Video game producers and the associated ecosystem so you should be able to search for that instead. Whether its a game designer, something in esports or something else – Search for “Video Games” to see what options you have.